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In 2040A.D..

30 years have passed since the attack of Main Fleet Bodol on Earth. While having reconciled with a part of the Zentraedi, mankind start promoting the proliferation of themselves by colonizing various regions in the Galaxy in preparing for another assault of the fleet. Planet Eden, more than ten light-year apart from the earth, has been developed for a long time as a colonized planet for human beings. Inspired with the frontier spirit, a number of people have come to live on the planet, the natural environment of which is very similar to that of Earth. The story starts when a test pilot is assigned to the test flight center on New Edwards base. His name is Isamu Dayson. Born on Earth and blessed with unsurpassed flying technique, he has been ordered to join the testing corps of YF-19, an experimentally produced convertible fighter, since he is not good at cooperating with others. On the base, there is a pilot of YF-21, which competes with YF-19 for official adoption by the forces. His name is Guld Goa Boman, who used to be the best friend and rival of Isamu. The two men fight with each other in the sky on their own fighters. One day, Sharon Apple, an extremely popular virtual singer, holds a concert produced by Myung Fan Lone, a friend of Isamu and Guld in their childhood. When the three people are unexpectedly reunited, the electronic heart of Sharon, who should not have any feeling, is stricken by a strange emotion.

*taken from The Official Macross Page

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